Are you looking for an experienced and professional carpet cleaner in your area? Do your carpets need a little bit of TLC? Contact us at Hydro Dry Carpet Care and we will use our wealth of knowledge to help you bring your carpets back to life.

We are a carpet cleaning company based in and around Warrington. We have grown from a successful wood floor restoration and wood floor repair company, so our experience in floor care is unmatched. We can offer you a comprehensive service and exceptional results with our self-contained, high pressure, high power machinery.

We have built a loyal customer base in and around Warrington. Over our years of service, we have gained invaluable experience. We are happy to serve our customers in and around our home town of Warrington. We have a variety of new and existing domestic carpet cleaning and commercial carpet cleaning clients.

Our values are exceptional customer service and high-quality workmanship. Our team will never sacrifice quality for a shorter time scale project, so you can be assured that you will receive the finest work from our team.

Hydrodry Carpet Care Carpet Cleaning Warrington

We advise that you have your carpet professionally cleaned, ideally, every 12 months. We understand that this is sometimes not possible, but it is the best way to keep on top of deep-seated grime and get the best longevity from your carpet. You carpet can harbor nasty germs and pathogens if not properly and professionally cleaned. Dirt, chemical residue and dust particles are tracked in by shoes, and can be trapped and the fibres of your carpet.  With our wealth of knowledge and invaluable experience, we can easily lift your carpets back to looking new. By cleaning your carpet with our professional, high power machinery, you are guaranteed a healthier, happier home or workplace.

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Areas We Cover

We can offer you a fantastic service. Our experienced team will assess your carpets and floors and identify areas of heavy traffic. We are well versed in domestic and commercial settings, so we understand the TLC that well used areas need. We will bring your carpet back to life with our exceptional machinery. We will only use safe and ecofriendly detergents and cleaners, meaning that we are pet and child friendly.

We are available to carry out domestic carpet cleaning and commercial carpet cleaning in the North West of the UK. We also cover Manchester, Liverpool, Salford and the surrounding areas. If you have any commercial carpet cleaning jobs that you need to be done in the North West, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to travel further afield for the right jobs and we love to hear from new and existing clients regarding rebooking.

If you are located in Warrington, Manchester, Liverpool or anywhere in between, and you need your carpet cleaned, contact us for a free quotation. With our self-sufficient, highly powerful machines and friendly team, we can breathe new life into your floors.